Extended Warranty Gives You Confidence
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Understand The Importance of Warranty Coverage For your Product

Ask for a warranty policy from IntelliCare the next time you buy a Laptop, Drone, Tablet, portable electronics or appliance.

It Makes Good Financial Sense : The unexpected costs to diagnose, repair or replace your products can be high. Our protection plans can save you money should the need arise.

Don't Last Forever : Even the newest smart and efficient technologies are vulnerable to breakdowns, normal wear and tear, and failures.

Manufacturer Warranties aren’t Always Enough : Typical manufacturer warranties don’t cover some of the common problems customers face and last only a limited time.

Fast, Conveniet Repairs

24/7 online support and fast service delivery.

Professional & Expert

High Quality parts replacement and repairs by experts.


No service fees or additional costs to repair or replace your products.

Zero-hassle Claim

Filing a claim is straightfoward and free from frustrations.


Laptop & Computer

Whether for work or for play, your computer needs to run smoothly


Tablet & eReader

Don’t face a long road trip with the kids without it. Know you’re covered.


Camera & Drone

Don’t let malfunctions come between you and your favorite moment and memories.



That high score is just within reach. Keep on running.