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Your Device is our Care

IntelliCare is a leader in the field of service plans. The company offers Extended Warranty coverage for virtually all types of high-end consumer electronics such as: mobile phones, tablets, laptops, gaming consoles, headphones, VRs, cameras, and dehumidifiers. With our bespoke coverage plans, we assist our clients to choose the right plan for their device. IntelliCare make sure we restore your device back to it's original condition within 48 hours after filing a claim. We also offer free technical support; ranging from software to hardware for our clients. At IntelliCare, we say Your Device is our Care

IntelliCare provides a premium CrackCare policy which covers the phone's screen only. Cracked screens remains the most prevalent problem for smartphone users with 7/10 occurrences every year. Smartphone users are often faced with the sad reality that phone screens are exempted from retailers' warranty and therefore, have to incur huge costs in replacing their broken screens. Quite often, due to lack of money to replace the screen straightaway, phones are shuffled somewhere and eventually develop other faults. IntelliCare is here to take care of the risk your smartphone manufacturer is not even willing to take, and to help you save up to 60% on replacement costs.


IntelliCare is the Premier Company to provide Extended Warranty services to smartphone users in Ghana. Our research revealed that no phone shop offer a warranty plan which covers smartphones' screens. Apparently, the prevailing issue of Smartphone users is broken screens which is not covered under normal warranty. In view of this, IntelliCare offers a CrackCare plan to smartphone users to protect phone’s screens in case of an accident; often resulting in a broken or pixelated screen. We also provide various coverage plans for other consumer electronics such as tablets and laptops.

Collins Asante



Customer Care

We provide free tech support and after-warranty services to our clients.

Professional & Expert

High Quality parts replacement and expert repairs.


An Intellicare client shrewdly saves up to 60% on all replacement costs.

Their customer care is excellent. I still remember when I first reported an issue with my phone and the kind of warm and abrubt treatment I received.

Ratley Mensah

Student, KNUST

I have been a keen follower of Intellicare and I have to say that they do deliver their services, which is the most important thing.

Stephen Appiah

Co-founder, Haedanpa LLC

If you are looking for your peace of mind in using your smart device, then I recommend Intellicare to you. What they are doing is amazing as a third-party warranty provider.

Gideon Mensah

Developer, Huawei Ghana