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We provide coverage for your smartphone and tablet. We’ll cover almost any smartphone you own! Our coverage includes: accidental damage (breaks and cracks in the exterior of the phone), water damage (including full submersion i.e. 'phone dropped in a bathtub', etc.), and coverage for hardware failure (any hardware malfunction).



Claim: Up to an unlimited number of claims

Period: Up to a one-year period

Save: Up to 60% savings on repairs

Our CrackCare policy offers extended warranty to our cherished clients which exclusively covers the screen of smart devices, in case of an accident which often result in a broken or pixelated screen.

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Claim: Up to an unlimited number of claims

Period: Up to a one-year period

Save: Up to 100% savings on normal cost

With this plan, you have the luxury of using your phone with a total peace of mind since it covers any issue that may arise with your phone. And guess what? Your phone gets replaced if the issue is beyond repairs.

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STEP 1: Buy a Plan

Get a plan made just for you. Our coverage plans include CrackCare which covers only the screen of your smartphone and Comprehensive which offers total protection. These plans comes in varied options: 3-month, 6-month and One-year period.

STEP 2: File a Claim

IntelliCare provides easy ways to file hassle free claims via mobile app, email or phone. Our 2 day repair/reimbursement turnaround will leave you satisfied.
Once your device is confirmed as eligible, drop it off at our shop or a store near you, or request one of our Experts to meet you at your home, office, or nearby coffee shop.

STEP 3: Fixed Device

IntelliCare will complete a full repair of your broken product. For products that can't be repaired under Comprehensive Plan, we'll give you a similar replacement or a check for the current market value of the device.