Get a Comprehensive Protection for Your Smartphone
Mobile Protection/Comprehensive

comprehensive coverage

The Comprehsive plan offers coverage for all kinds of accidental damages (breaks and cracks in the exterior of the phone), water damage (including full submersion i.e. 'phone dropped in a bathtub', etc.), and coverage for hardware failure (any hardware malfunction)

If the damage is beyond repairs, receive a replacement phone in as little as 24 hours. Rest assured, whether an Apple iPhone, Galaxy Note, Motorola Droid or more, we have you covered. Better yet, our replacement phones are backed by a one-year warranty.

After the unexpected occurs, avoid paying full retail cost for a replacement phone. You’ll have peace of mind, especially if it's a brand new phone you don't even want an ant to step on. You don’t want to wait around after an incident, you want your phone back fast. We can help. And we make it quick, easy and painless to file a claim 24/7.

frequently asked questions

What happens if the service center is unable to repair my smartphone?

If your smartphone is beyond repairs, we will replace your phone with either the same type of phone or a similar quality.
Otherwise, we will provide you with a check for the current market value of the phone.

Where will I send my phone for repairs?

Intellicare has 2 convenient options. You may bring your smartphone to a local repair shop or bring your device in person or ship it to IntelliCare for service.
Option 1: Bring or ship your device to Intellicare for coverage, we will provide you with instructions. Once received, we will repair your smartphone and give or ship it back to you.
Option 2: If you prefer to take your phone to a local Smartphone repair shop, you can and submit your estimate to IntelliCare for approval and reimbursement.

What happens if i need to cancel my contract?

No worries! You can cancel your contract at any time by giving us a call at 233 (054) 950-7085.
We will process your cancellation and send you a pro-rated refund.

How many claims can I file for my smartphone?

You can file up to an unlimited number of claims depending on the type of coverage plan.
Your phone coverage remains in place until your contract expires.